5582506565_f319681127If you’ve been trying to find a way to diet for a long time but just keep finding yourself back up against a wall because every diet becomes a rehash of the first few steps then you should consider trying to incorporate Chia Seeds into your weight loss program. Not only are the seeds small and unobtrusive to your daily routine, but they are also quite versatile. The following are four ways you can make your own chia seed recipes.  Continue reading

4417557738_ee7f53850bIf you’re tired of trying the same old tricks in order to fool your body into thinking you’re full, then maybe it’s time to try something new for you. Chia Seeds have been providing nutrition to people since the time of the Mayans. In addition to the nutritional benefits of this seed, they provide a quick burst of natural energy when consumed, and because of their nutrients they can also help to suppress hunger pangs. The small seed is virtually tasteless, and unlike some other seeds, does not need to be ground up in order to be eaten. Because of its unique properties, you can incorporate Chia Seeds into your daily routine in these three simple ways.  Continue reading

2597106339_c3650165eeIf the first thing you thought at seeing the word “chia” was the commercial for chia pets then congratulations on living through the nineties! All zany, instant hair growing infommercials aside, however, the chia seed has come back overnight in a big way. Studies are beginning to show that there are numerous Chia Seeds benefits which pertain to you and your health. One of the most notable benefits presenting itself these days is using Chia Seeds for weight loss. If it sounds too good to be true then keep on reading. Continue reading